Area at the ul. of the people


Basic info

Address ul. Św.Wawrzyńca - Mszańska
City Wodzisław Śląski
Audit Yes
Public-Private Partnership No
Additional Information

Obszar pokopalniany - mine area.

Area of ​​the property

Available space 72.7592 ha [ha] - (maximum in one-piece)
Shape of the plot Other shape
Possibility for expansion

Cały obszar pokopalniany to ok. 115 ha

The whole mine area is 115 ha.

Property information

The current zoning plan Yes
Allocation in the the zoning plan

Production, Services

Spatial Development Plan

Produkcja, usługi

Characteristics of the plot

Class of land Teren nierolniczy Non-agricultural area.
The area of land 73 [ha]
(Deagriculturalisated) Yes
(Deforested) No
Differences in land level 20 [m]
Current usage

Not-used area

Pollution of surface water and groundwater No
Underground water level 6 [m]
Geological research No
Risk of flooding or landslides No
Underground obstacles No
Obstructions on the surface No
Ecological restrictions No
Buildings and other constructions on site No

Transport connections

Access road to the plot (type) Droga Powiatowa nr 5019S oraz 5021S
Access road to the area (width) 6.5 [m]
Highway Autostrada A1 - 3,5 km
Highway (Distance) [km] 3.5 [km]
Sea and river ports Gliwice, 40 km
Railway Wodzisław Śląski
Railway (Distance) 3 [km]
Siding Wodzisław Śląski
Siding (Distance) 3 [km]
The nearest international airport Ostrava-Mosnov, Cz
The nearest international airport (Distance) 45 [km]

Existing infrastructure

Electricity Yes
Gas in the area Yes
Connection distance (gas) 50 [m]
Pipe's diameter 200 [mm]
Water supply Yes
intended social No
for industrial purposes No
Sewage system Yes
Treatment plant or in the immediate vicinity No
The telephone line Yes

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Śląskie Centrum Obsługi Inwestora i Eksportera
Wydział Gospodarki, Turystyki i Sportu
Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Śląskiego
ul. Ligonia 46, 40-037 Katowice
tel. 32 / 774 00 67 do 68

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