Another section of A1 motorway is now open!

published: Aug 7, 2019, category: EN

On the 2nd of August another, 33 km long section of A1 motorway situated in the Silesian Voivodeship was open. Completing the investment allows uninterrupted drive from the border with the Chech Republic (Gorzyczki) and the city of Częstochowa, passing by the Uppersilesian agglomeration with the city of Katowice and the Katowice Airport in Pyrzowice.

A1 motorway is a part of Paneuropean transport corridor no. VI and international road no. E75. In total on the area of Silesia 125 km of A1 motorway have been made available. Probably by the end of 2022 this number  will increase to 167 km thanks to which Silesia will have a direct motorway connection with the Baltic Seaside. It is estimated that driving the whole distance of 580 km long A1 motorway will take just a little more than 4 hours. It is another element that directly influences the increase of investment attractiveness of the region.


Based on the album titled “A1 Motorway, Częstochowa – Pyrzowice”, by Marek Prusak


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